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What should I pay attention to when IoT deployment

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The Internet of Everything should be a popular term now, so how to achieve the Internet of Everything? In fact, for enterprises, most of them choose to use IoT technology, which can realize the related connection between people, machines and equipment in the enterprise, so that they can fully realize the real-time monitoring of the production process. management. However, due to the heterogeneity and fragmentation of IoT devices, the implementation process has brought many challenges. This paper introduces three things that need to be paid attention to in the deployment of IoT.

First, all commercial IoT devices must undergo strict regulatory certification.

For example, if you want to develop or commercialize your own IoT equipment, the first condition is to obtain the RF certification of the relevant market. This purpose is to ensure that the IoT communication device is compatible and to reduce interference in the shared radio spectrum. However, the downside is that there are no universal certification bodies in the world. Generally speaking, they are all certified by each country or region. Among them, China is the SRRC certification of the Radio Management Committee.

Don't think about this certification process too simple, because in fact the whole process is very cumbersome, it takes weeks or even months to prepare and mention the materials, not to mention the high cost of testing. . For most companies, they are unwilling to bear high costs, so they need to reduce the cost of regulatory testing. At present, the best method is to plan and select “pre-certification from the first day of product design. "Device components."

Second, whether edge intelligence requires device intelligence or edge gateway intelligence

Due to the development of the Internet of Things era, a large amount of data will be generated in the production process, and edge computing has gained a huge impetus. It is not difficult to prove that it is expensive to process and store all data in the cloud or data center. And inefficient. What should be noted here is that since the source of the data is not intended to be closed, there is no need to transfer to the cloud. For example, a status message might only be useful when an exception is notified. Then, over time, you'll find that edge computing is becoming more and more important, enabling a more agile IoT by intelligently processing data locally.

Third, IoT devices do not need (public) IP addresses to avoid exposing more security threats.

Looking at it now, the Internet should be a "necessity" in today's people's lives, and in order to make it easy for people to use, there will be free WIFI in various public places to facilitate a better application network. But for IoT devices, it is not like our ordinary smart devices. Because it has a lot of production data information, and there are many security problems in the public network, many IoT devices do not need or even need public IP addresses. To avoid security problems.

But sometimes, in a large-scale IoT network, having each device directly connected to the Internet significantly increases the risk of security breaches, so you need to ensure that all devices support multiple encryption protocols (such as TLS/SSL). The best way is to use a non-IP connection solution.

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