The difference between Home Router and Industrial Router


Many people think that all routers are similar. In fact, this idea is wrong. Whether it is a company, home or Internet of Things, the routers they use are different. In terms of cost, the cost of an industrial router is several times that of a home router, which is the most obvious difference.

industrial router

First, the difference in use. Industrial routers are widely used in transportation, energy, agriculture, meteorology, water, electricity, factories, etc. For example, Lubangtong's industrial routers can also be applied to various industries in the IoT industry chain, such as intelligence. Buildings, smart retail, smart express cabinets, smart buses, etc.

rugged router

The home router is actually a distributor for home use. The home router can forward the broadband network signal through the antenna to nearby wireless network devices, such as wifi-enabled mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and the like. The use of home routers is simple and there is no complexity of industrial routers.

Second, the difference in function. Because industrial routers are an important part of the industrial control industry, the functional requirements of industrial routers are very high, requiring not only fast response, but also port mapping, VPN, firewall, and electrostatic protection. The Homtecs Industrial Router is a rugged device that can be used to connect two or more networks to transmit signals only to the required ports. The gateway translates between standard Ethernet and Industrial Ethernet protocols, wireless and wired interfaces, or Ethernet and fieldbus communication protocols.

industrial router

The main interface of the home router has WAN, LAN, WIFI and other interfaces, and the main function is to provide Internet access.

Third, the difference in components. Industrial routers are ruggedly constructed for use in a variety of harsh industrial environments. For example, the components used in Lubangtong industrial routers are industrial grade devices. If an industrial router has a component that does not meet the requirements, then it cannot be called industrial grade. In addition, the components of industrial routers also need to have good high temperature and low temperature characteristics.

On the contrary, the general household router does not have high requirements for industrial routers on the components, so in the face of some harsh working environments, the home router can not meet the standards of industrial routers.

Fourth, the difference in stability. The high stability of industrial routers is not available in general home routers. Homtecs Industrial Routers provide reliable, secure communications for complex systems, and signals are stable even in harsh environments.

rugged router

The home router can't be in working state for a long time. If the home router keeps running for a long time, there will be frequent disconnection, unstable signal, excessive heat and so on.

In addition to the above points, industrial routers and home routers still have many differences, but both industrial users and home users should purchase them according to their actual conditions. If it is only for household use, it will excessively pursue high performance, which will only make some functions of the router idle and waste. For industrial users, if they use home routers to save budget costs, only It will cause problems, causing losses and adverse effects.

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