The reasons for WiFi routers not connected to the Internet


What are the reasons for WiFi routers not connected to the Internet?

The current leisure time is inseparable from the companionship of WiFi. Whether it is watching movies or playing games, it is inseparable from the network, but the signal is full, why is the WiFi router not connected to the Internet? In fact, it is very simple, let the small series of Homtecs M2M technology explain to everyone.

wifi router

1. WiFi channel congestion

In some places, WiFi routers are more densely placed, and there are more WiFi sources. When these routers work at the same time, the generated wireless signals will interfere with each other, causing the WiFi signal to be congested, thereby affecting the network speed. In severe cases, the device may not be able to connect to WiFi or connect to WiFi and cannot access the Internet.

2. WiFi is cracked or hacked

The device cannot be used after connecting to WiFi. It may be because the WiFi router password is cracked and WiFi is caused by the network. Connecting multiple devices to the same WiFi will slow down the WiFi network speed and affect network usage.

4. Receiving device own problems

In addition to broadband and routers, the speed of WiFi is related to the connected device itself. Some mobile phones are bumped and dropped during use, and the wireless signal receiver of the device is damaged or aged, which may affect the network speed, and may also fail to access the Internet.

Common solutions:

1. Set up complex passwords

Set a complex password for the WiFi router that is a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. Change the password regularly to prevent the Internet users from cracking the WiFi password and affecting the network usage. Once you find the network, you must promptly remove and modify the WiFi password.

2. Select the appropriate channel

If there are multiple routers running at the same time, try to log in to the backend of your router to select the appropriate WiFi channel for the router to avoid channel congestion and affect the network speed.

The above is the reason why the WiFi router does not connect to the Internet, I hope to help everyone.

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